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Best email client for Gmail

Too much mail to sort through?

Let our smart robot Contetino help you out!

Mac/Linux/Windows support!

Web & Desktop!

How does it work?

Example mail you receive:

Dear Mr. Richard,

I wish to complain about my new smartphone iPhone7, model A1660, that I purchased on 25th November in London in one of your shops. I bought the product and the camera doesn’t work properly. It’s been like this for almost 2 weeks. I have been waiting for a week now – I sent my email to your support team and no one has contacted me yet. I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible to resolve this problem.


Mary Smith

If you want to prioritize the angry customers or if you want Contetino to alert you about that new TPS report template, you can!

Help us out, Contetino, what do you see here?


Get valuable information by analyzing emotions in received emails Contetino will warn you if some sender is upset or angry so you can take care of it carefully and solve the problem on time.


Get content analysis for better understanding Contetino will highlight the most important keywords to make the conversation clear. You can save your time and focus on what matters.


Get sender’s personality characteristics Succesful communication requires an adjustment to the sender. With Contetino you can find out something deeper even if you personally don’t know the sender.

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